Regional Watershed Workshops

As a follow-up to our 2016 series, POWR and PEC are convening a series of regional workshops across the state to identify needs and provide organizational capacity and technical resource tools to Pennsylvania’s community watershed organizations. Invited guests include staff from PA DEP, PA DCNR, County Conservation Districts and regional and local environmental organizations with watershed-focused programs and resources.

On this page you’ll find copies of workshop agendas and presentations for each of our regional meetings as they occur. We will continually update to provide latest schedule for upcoming meetings in your region. Click here for more information.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council Bill Tracker

Here you’ll find information, analysis, important dates, and status updates on pending state legislation and regulation that affects environmental and conservation efforts in Pennsylvania. Click here for more information.

Sojourn Organizer’s Guide

Here you’ll find POWR’s Sojourn Organizers Guide. An introductory manual to organizing a sojourn event on your waterway.

This Guide is currently being updated and a new version will be uploaded to the site once complete.

Safety is Key

Please take the time to visit the resources of our Partner – The American Canoe Association for some great safety tips for your sojourn planning.