POWR General Liability Insurance

As a nonprofit watershed organization working in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers would like to invite you to participate in our General Liability Insurance program. This steeply discounted basic and umbrella insurance coverage is a service POWR provides as part of our mission to support watershed groups and conservation efforts in Pennsylvania.

The total cost of participation in the program is $380 per organization for organizations with up to 200 members. This includes the cost of insurance, an administrative fee, and the annual *$30.00 POWR membership fee. *Each organization must be a POWR member to participate.

We are grateful for your commitment to watershed stewardship and pleased to offer this program to help your organization. The 2019-2020 application form can be found here as well as information on what is covered by the insurance and frequently asked questions.  The coverage begins each year on April 14th and ends the following year on April 14th.  Applications should be sent to POWR by April 1st of each year.