Other Grant Opportunities

Letter of Intent Due May 1 for TreeVitalize  Grant Program

TreePennsylvania, an independent non-profit agency, manages the statewide TreeVitalize grant program. Funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to promote and develop sustainable urban forestry programs within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Annual grant terms provide the opportunity for funding in three priority areas : tree planting, urban riparian buffers, and community forestry management.

Funding preference is provided for projects which:
(1) are from new applicants, and;
(2) involve partnerships and include trainings/educational components and/or
(2) enhance the public’s access to and enjoyment of urban forestry and/or
(3) are implemented in Environmental Justice areas

Tree planting grants provide assistance for tree plantings in community and urban areas along streets, parks, and other publicly-accessible areas. Urban riparian buffer grants provide assistance for urban riparian buffer tree plantings adjacent to community and urban waterways. Community forestry management grants provide assistance for tree care management plans, tree inventories, pruning, short term employment (including internships), educational workshops, webinars, urban wood utilization, ordinance development, land banks design, urban agriculture design, and other aspects of urban forestry.

The form for the Letter of Intent, DUE MAY 1st, 2019, as well as the grant guidelines and other information can be found here