Handouts and Links from the Webinar and In-person Presentations on the Draft Phase 3 Chesapeake Bay WIP

Staff of the PA Department of Environmental Protection unveiled the draft Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan for Pennsylvania during a webinar and in-person meeting hosted by the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR).

Invited speakers from the DEP and other partnering organizations presented an overview of the plan and how it was developed as well as little about the science and data that informs the plan and how it relates to local water quality and planning efforts. Additionally, attendees learned how to engage in the public comment process and how to stay involved during the county planning and implementation efforts moving forward. Attendees had an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

Please see the Agenda for additional details including speaker names and organizations

DEP’s Presentation PowerPoint: Draft Phase 3 WIP Intro_DEP

Webinar Handout: Tips for Drafting Comments on Pennsylvania’s Draft _05-24-2019

Clean water starts in our own backyards, and local solutions can lead to big impacts downstream. This interactive story map shows how local actions in the Chesapeake Bay watershed help improve water quality in our own communities, but also provide benefits to the Bay and the communities that rely on it. This story map is still under development, so if you have any questions or feedback, please contact Emily Trentacoste ( at the Chesapeake Bay Program.”

Link to Interactive Story Map:

Water Quality In PA – An Integrated Report Presentation June 4 at 10:30 AM

 The 2018 Integrated Report marks a significant change from previous reports by moving to a new digital and fully interactive format. This offers the ability to convey tremendous amounts of information in a way that is much easier to understand. As a supplement to the Integrated Report, DEP has also created the 2018 Integrated Report Viewer, which provides enhanced search capabilities and export functions. The combination of these two tools should greatly facilitate the public’s access to water quality assessment information and better inform the public on the steps DEP takes every day to protect Pennsylvania’s waters.

Click on the link below for the report:

Free 2-day Training on Outreach to the Ag Community

The National Wildlife Federation received a NFWF grant to do outreach in PA’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. They are holding the training in 6 places throughout the watershed this June and July. The event is free, travel stipends are available, and space is limited.

Description: The Grow More training series is specifically designed to help agricultural outreach staff reach beyond the choir of those farmers already using soil health practices. This training consists of 2 half-days and will explore farmer behavior, messaging strategies, and event planning. Training will focus on hands-on learning and activities specific to YOUR outreach.

Event Timing: 2 days. 1st Day (12-5pm) and 2nd Day (8am-1pm)

June 11 & 12: Franklin County

Chambersburg, PA: Wilson College

June 13 & 14: Lancaster County

Lancaster, PA: Shady Maple

July 9 & 10: Wyoming County

Tunkhannock, PA: Comfort Inn and Suites

July 11 & 12: Northumberland

Sunbury, PA: Northumberland Conservation District Office

July 23 & 24: Clinton County

Mill Hall, PA: Clinton County Conservation District Office

July 25 & 26: Blair County

Duncansville, PA: Comfort Inn

To Register:

Contact Jess Espenshade, Agricultural Program Senior Coordinator, at or 734-887-7114 for more information

Presentations available from the Statewide Conference for Watershed Associations

With presenters’ permission, we are pleased to share selected presentations from POWR’s Statewide Conference for Watershed Associations held February 24-25, 2019. The presentations are available as downloadable PDFs here

Regional Watershed Workshops

As a follow-up to our 2016 series, POWR and PEC are convening a series of regional workshops across the state to identify needs and provide organizational capacity and technical resource tools to Pennsylvania’s community watershed organizations. Invited guests include staff from PA DEP, PA DCNR, County Conservation Districts and regional and local environmental organizations with watershed-focused programs and resources.

On this page you’ll find copies of workshop agendas and presentations for each of our regional meetings as they occur. We will continually update to provide latest schedule for upcoming meetings in your region. Click here for more information.