About Us

Mission Statement

POWR advocates for the protection, restoration and enjoyment of our common wealth of water resources, and conducts programs that foster stewardship, communication, leadership and action.


Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers will be the leading environmental non-profit membership organization for watershed and river protection. By continuing in the tradition of Pennsylvania’s environmental pioneers and the visionary Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution (Article 1, Section 27), POWR will:

  • Ensure Pennsylvania watershed associations are healthy, locally supported, and a benefit to their communities
  • Ensure the citizens of Pennsylvania are educated and enlightened as to the value of our abundant water resources and the importance of their management
  • Ensure access to quality resources including informational publications and website, educational workshops and trainings, networking and capacity building conferences, regional outreach, and dynamic activities connecting people to resources
  • Ensure all of Pennsylvania’s waters meet 1972 Clean Water Act standards
  • Ensure a healthy holistic environment that recognizes our far-reaching connections up and downstream.

Through passionate determination, POWR will honor the voice of the rivers as they beckon us to ensure their enduring legacy for generations to embrace and enjoy.

Core Values

Stewardship, Resourcefulness, Expertise, Passion, Integrity, Courage, Diversity